"A Reflection on the Goodness of Pancakes & Community" / TABIA / FOUNDER & DIRECTOR @ BEOTIS CREATIVE

If I faxed you over my resume, you'd see that I work as an Operations Manager with an LA fashion brand. On that same rare fax, you'd see my other job as the founding director of a boutique agency representing contemporary writers & thought leaders of color who are WAY smarter than I am.

Back to me (lolol): I am a black girl originally from Omaha, NE; I grew up one of four kids with a vigorously supportive extended family, and I do mean vigorous. My grandparents, parents, both sisters, brother, great aunt, and cousins attended just about every single sporting event, chess match, speech competition, and school play I had dating back to my head-to-toe Baby Phat days, when I'd spend my abundant free time on Neopets (pivoted to Xanga when I got grown).

I am beyond delighted to go to bed every night, but I am equally as excited to rise the next morning.

At my sister's graduation last month, 23 of us watched her cross the stage. I've called my grandmother every Sunday for the last 7 years. I'd probably pick a family movie outing over a girls' night out with Drake any day of the week (and I love me some Drake). I am very lucky to have my fam as my centerfold and believe vigorously in the idea of community as a result.

In the Fall of 2014, I drove 1,500 miles from Omaha to Los Angeles with my dad chatting with me from the passenger seat. We stopped at an iHop in Vegas for a pancake-dinner and then were asleep by 830pm - so yes, one might say it was the dream scenario. Pancakes & an early bedtime! 

Three years later, I am 25 and now have those two jobs (the ones noted on the fax). Growing up, I figured I'd become a rock star and a lawyer. While I wouldn't say that I am on track for either of those careers, I also wouldn't say that I'm not on track. 

I love working and building and blooming with my peers, the artists I represent, my roommates, my lovely partner. Community, in almost every way, has been such a propelling force in my work and personal life. Sometimes it's really challenging to get out of bed, to be kind to yourself, and to not pop off when that white lady at Zara mistakes you for an employee because you're black and she's racist; when your bank account has no kind of commas, when your anxiety attacks are routine, when people that look like you are being harmed with no repercussions, when all you want to do is make a difference.

In those moments, community has been so revolutionary for me. I am the most tired I have ever been. Make no mistake about it, I am beyond delighted to go to bed every night, but I am equally as excited to rise the next morning. I'm working to choose joy whenever possible, to celebrate the little things & practice self-forgiveness, to craft quality Instagram captions (follow me @tabialexine), and to try my best to maintain life as that happy gal tearing into a plate of pancakes at the end of the long day.